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Las destructoras EBA obtienen el sello ECO Blue Angel


Krug and Priester es el único fabricante de destructoras de papel con el sello Blue Angel de protección ambiental.

Krug & Priester officially awarded with the “Blue Angel”





Last week Krug & Priester was officially awarded the “Blue Angel” environmental label. We are actually the first and only manufacturers of professional paper shredding machines to be awarded with this eco-label for the exceptional energy efficiency of the models EBA 1324 up to EBA 5141. This is thanks to the energy saving mode, “Zero Energy Consumption” which ensures completely automatic power cut-off after 30 minutes in stand by mode. Actually it is not only the energy efficiency why we have been awarded with the “Blue Angel”. There are numerous other requirements that we had to comply with such as a durable construction, sustainable and environmentally compatible production processes, high level operational safety, low noise emissions, etc.

Our EBA shredders are well known in the market place for their outstanding reliability and operational safety and the “Blue Engel” award represents another important unique feature surely supporting the sales of our professional paper shredders.

The Blue Angel – Eco-Label with Brand Character

The Blue Angel is the first and oldest environment-related label for products and services in the world. It was created in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment of the federal government and the federal states. It considers itself as a market-conform instrument of environmental policy designed to distinguish the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis.

Due to the fact that the Blue Angel logo has been modeled after the UN symbol and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) logo, it has a strong international impact and a high credibility. The logo shows its origin as a label established by the government. Thus, it stands out clearly from the mass of company specific labels.

The Blue Angel fits in well with the competition for the best possible ecological properties of products (except for foods) and services. It definitely helps to speed up the structural change of the economy towards a sustainable development. And it does so with growing success: The first Ba-sic Award Criteria were adopted by the Environmental Label Jury in 1978. Today, about 11,700 products and services in circa 125 product categories carry the Blue Angel eco-label.

During these 35 years it has had a significant number of successes in environmental and con-sumer policies. The Blue Angel succeeds when the ecologically most advantageous products have become the standard. We have compiled a summary of some of the success stories. The spectrum of the Blue Angel’s activities is continuously extended and new products and services are ecolabelled.